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Big Shine Worldwide’s Commitment to Excellence and Sustainability

Established in 1989 as a family business during a pivotal era of technological advancement, Big Shine Worldwide, Inc. swiftly recognized the growth potential within the semiconductor industry. From its inception, the company strategically directed its efforts towards the distribution of semiconductors to prominent global corporations, laying the foundation for subsequent international expansion.

In the early 2000s, our foresight led us to a profound realization — the imperative to address and ameliorate the corporate world’s carbon footprint. Armed with a deep understanding of semiconductor technologies, we initiated a strategic pivot, expanding our focus to encompass the manufacturing of cutting-edge technologies such as LED lighting and photovoltaic modules.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only evident in the innovative products we distribute throughout the world but also in the continuous improvement of our own offerings. We pride ourselves on promoting products that are both innovative and useful, contributing to a greener and more technologically advanced future. This ethos underscores our dedication to driving positive change in the global landscape while ensuring that our own products remain at the forefront of excellence.

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Big Shine Worldwide, Inc. was established in 1989 by an electrical engineer. In a time of technological advances, the company focused on semiconductors given the industry’s potential for growth.

Big Shine Worldwide began distributing semiconductors to some of the world’s largest companies. And its semiconductor background paved the way for the company’s expansion across the globe.

Decades and Rebranding
More than a decade later, it expanded into the light emitting diode manufacturing field. In South Korea, Big Shine Worldwide re-branded itself as Big Shine Korea. Rapid growth allowed Big Shine Korea to extend its distribution capabilities to Malaysia and Singapore. In both markets, Big Shine tailors to the technology demands of its consumers.

With a 30-year background in the semiconductor field, Big Shine Worldwide customizes its products and expertise according to the market where it’s located.