About Us

About Big Shine Worldwide

Established in 1989 in South Korea, Big Shine Worldwide, Inc. commenced its journey as a technology company specializing in semiconductors.

Renowned for transforming innovation into tangible value through groundbreaking technology, the company later diversified into the automation industry. It supplied semiconductors, including flash memory, linear integrated circuits, and radio frequency communication products, to leading electronics giants such as LG and Samsung. 

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As semiconductors evolved into integral components of today’s clean technology landscape, Big Shine Worldwide capitalized on its foundational expertise to offer customers the pinnacle of energy efficiency and clean energy technology for the modern era. 

In 1994, Big Shine Worldwide expanded its horizons by venturing into the manufacturing of solar photovoltaic modules. Then in 2007, the company propelled its semiconductor technology into manufacturing LED lighting fixtures. Big Shine LED was established, showcasing products that have since become synonymous with innovation. 

Shortly thereafter, in response to the growing demand for comprehensive solutions, Big Shine Energy emerged, dedicated to providing turnkey services to end-users. This strategic move further solidified our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our clientele. 

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Our Mission  

We leverage technology not just for advancement but as a powerful tool to improve our environment and drive sustainable solutions. 

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Our Core Values 

Innovation is more than a word at Big Shine Worldwide; it’s our driving force.

Our culture thrives on constant exploration, experimentation, and an unwavering embrace of new ideas and technologies. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, ensuring our products and solutions stand at the forefront of technological advancement. 

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Vision for the Future 

Our vision extends beyond the present. We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to address global issues such as energy efficiency and renewable energy.

At Big Shine Worldwide, we strive to be pioneers in shaping a sustainable and brighter future for our planet and society.