Corporate Social Responsibility  

Sustainability Matters

For Big Shine Worldwide, sustainability is not just a checkbox, it’s an integral part of our commitment. We weave sustainability into the very fabric of our company, embracing eco-friendly practices, reducing our carbon footprint, and continually seeking innovative ways to minimize environmental impact. Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond compliance; it’s a conscious effort to contribute positively to the well-being of the planet. 

With the goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, we launched the Approaching Zero campaign to work with like-minded companies in reducing global carbon levels. While many organizations have set out to innovate to zero carbon emissions, Big Shine recognizes that choosing existing energy-efficient technology can have an immediate effect in reducing the current carbon load. By implementing LED lighting technologies and moving towards electrification and renewable energy, we can begin to make an impact today. 

Social Responsibility  

Our commitment to making a positive impact extends far beyond our corporate office walls. From sponsoring impactful events like those at the YMCA to supporting the youth like Montclair State University’s Football Program, social responsibility is embedded in our DNA. 

We are always encouraging our employees to actively contribute to causes that matter, providing time off for volunteerism causes of their choice. We believe that individual efforts collectively create a significant impact, fostering a culture of compassion and community engagement. 

Social Impact Education  

Through a series of dynamic educational events, we aim to raise awareness about sustainable practices and energy management within corporations. These events serve as immersive experiences designed to ignite conversations, share knowledge, and empower organizations to embrace a more sustainable ethos. 

From panel discussions featuring industry experts, such as the U.S. Green Building Council, to hands-on workshops showcasing the latest in energy-efficient technologies, our educational events serve as a beacon for corporations seeking to enhance their sustainability efforts. We believe that informed decision-making is at the core of positive change, and these events provide a platform for leaders to delve into the intricacies of sustainable practices, uncover the benefits of energy management, and explore innovative solutions. They equip corporations with the knowledge and tools they need to make impactful changes, not just for their bottom line but for the greater good of our planet. 

Learn more about our events throughout the U.S.

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Transparency and Reporting 

In addition to doing the work of becoming more sustainable, it’s important for companies to transparently communicate their efforts and progress not only for accountability but to gain the trust of their workers and clients alike. We work with our partners to capture all necessary data for energy management and sustainability projects and help them to clearly report it to their stakeholders.  

Learn more about how we assist clients to report their sustainability projects to clients.

Sustainable Products and Services  

In collaboration with industry leaders like Lutron, we deploy cutting-edge smart sensors and controls. This dynamic technology not only enhances energy efficiency in facilities but also integrates seamlessly with building management systems, energy management systems, and consumption metering. 

Every project is an opportunity to make a positive impact. Our dedicated waste reduction services ensure proper management and tracking. With a tailored waste management plan for each project, clients receive certificates of disposal and destruction, aiding them in efficient waste tracking. 

We believe in products that stand the test of time. Our commitment to manufacturing with the highest quality guarantees longevity and durability. From concept to creation, our products are crafted to contribute not just to your immediate needs but to a sustainable and resilient future. 

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