Leading with Innovation: The Heart of Big Shine Worldwide

Group of happy diverse colleagues brainstorming together on laptop in an office boardroom. Caucasia.

At Big Shine Worldwide, leadership isn’t confined to corner offices and suits; it’s ingrained in every aspect of our culture. With over 30 years of dedication to excellence, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones such as obtaining GSA scheduling, launching our assembly line, and securing ETL certification in our New York office. Our proudest achievement, however, lies in the collaborative efforts of our diverse leadership team.

Who exactly comprises this dynamic leadership team? Meet our dedicated project managers, skilled engineers, insightful energy auditors, and experienced electrical foremen. They’re not just titles on a list; they’re the driving force behind our success. Within each division, directors work tirelessly to spearhead innovations, inspire breakthroughs, and foster continuous improvement.

At Big Shine Worldwide, every idea is valued, regardless of its size. We believe that even the smallest notion has the potential to spark significant change. For instance, when one of our project managers proposed pursuing an IDIQ contract for our service division in 2023, it led to the establishment of a dedicated department. Similarly, a request from our energy auditors for certification support in 2019 resulted in half of our team becoming certified professionals.

True leadership extends beyond a select few; it encompasses every manager and director who contributes to our collective achievements. We owe our success to the dedication and innovation of each team member, and we express our heartfelt gratitude to all who play a role in shaping the future of Big Shine Worldwide.

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