Big Shine Solar Solutions

Why Solar? Why Now?

The foundation of our business is the full turnkey business model. Big Shine will be with you every step along the way. From design and fabrication to installation and service our team of experts will customize your project to ensure you are receiving a premium solar array for your business. With global supply chains, we ensure continuity of supply so that we can serve your business in any continent. Providing an engineered solution with a turnkey service is essential.

Become resilient today and prepare for tomorrow with Big Shine Worldwide.

    As a renewable and free source of energy

    • provides power supply and fuel diversification
    • enhances energy security
    • lowers the risk of fuel spills
    • reduces the need for imported fuels
    • helps conserve the nation’s naturals resources

    Big Shine Solar Modules

    The monocrystalline module (solar panel) which combines outstanding durability and performance pump out a maximum rated power of 450 Watts per panel and we guarantee a positive power tolerance of + 5 Watts for every panel. When you install Big Shine Solar panels you’re building on 26 years of Solar PV experience – our development team built its first modules in 1994. The panel has been rigorously tested to assure years of reliable performance. The IEC standard for mechanical load is 245 kg/m2. Our panels are qualified to more than double the IEC requirement. Snow load tested to 5,400 Pa (113 lbs. per square foot), Wind load tested to 2,400 Pa, and hail impact tested to 23 m/s, our panels are robust. Environmental resistance, verified by TüV Rheinland, includes testing with high salt mist and ammonia exposure. Our industry-leading 12-year product warranty reflects our confidence in our product. PID, or potential induced degradation, reduces module output over time. The monocrystalline has enhanced PID resistance; we warrant that the power output will not change by more than 0.7% per year for 25 years. Big Shine BS-DM panels are certified to IEC 61215, 61730, and UL 1703.

    Enhanced External Load/Impact

    Snow Load: 5,400 Pa  |  Wind Load: 2,400 Pa

    PID Resistance

    Enhanced Potential Included Degradation Resistance

    Fire Safety

    Class A Flame Spread  |  Class C Burning Brand 

    Higher Output Power

    0 ~ +5Wp  |  Higher Rated Power

    Cloudy Days, Mornings & Evenings

    Excellent Performance Under Low Light Conditions

    Various Options Available

    Black or Silver Frame


    Big Shine’s solar Panels have a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year linear perforemance warranty. Our panels are made to provide the confidence in solar energy performance through time.

    Design and Engineering

    Big Shine will manage your entire solar project so that you can focus on your business.

    Drawing & Site Plans

    Ensure code complaint engineered solutions.

    Interconnection Support

    Partnered with engineers nationwide to ensure a smooth process.

    Incentives and Rebates

    Specialized Incentive and Rebate Coordinators will find you the best opportunities available in your region.

    Tax Consultations

    Our in house CPAs will guide your staff to take advantage of the federal tax benefits.

    Feasibility Surveys

    Taking the projects relevant factors into account.

    Structural Analysis

    Determining the effects of load on your structure to ensure a smooth project.

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