Established 1989

Big Shine Korea has specialized in the semiconductor chip distribution field since our establishment in 1989. For over 20 years, thorough sales experience and a superior global information system have laid the foundation for our relationships with makers of the world’s leading semiconductor products. Partnerships with top manufacturers in domestic electronics and telecommunication sectors are a direct result of favorable pricing and timely supply – characteristics leading Big Shine Korea into a new era.

Global Communications

The 21st Century has transitioned businesses into a digital swing, dependent of real-time information and communication. Innovative changes and developing technology have presented new standards throughout the electronic component industry, adding value to the role of the automated market and spurring competitiveness in the industry. For this reason, individual companies have focused on perusing quality, speed and affordability, all fundamentals for a reliable choice in the semiconductor industry. Big Shine Korea has kept in step with the ever-changing digital age, we are focused on supplying world-class service as a driving force for our clients’ success in the electronics industry. Unified growth and development is our company commitment.

Our Partners