The Top 5 LED Fixtures by Big Shine LED


LED technology has rapidly advanced. This significant growth has increased the number of suppliers, distributors, and sellers of lighting fixtures. These off-the-shelf LED options possess the level of quality and capability covering the entire gamut. LED lighting is a specialized product, so we shouldn’t think only of the fixture by itself. The best fixtures are made of the best materials and have the best features and performance. However, for an LED lighting conversion project to be considered successful, it’s just as important to consider the full turnkey service so that every aspect of a lighting upgrade is delivered with excellence.

Let’s look at the top 5 led fixtures from Big Shine LED.

1. Big Shine LED Panels

2. T5/T6 LED Replacement Tubes with StrongHeart Driver

3. Sagitta X Area Light with Rotatable Lens

4. Sky X High Bay Light with 10 % Uplight

5. NGC 474 High Output, Low Glare

1. Big Shine LED Panels

Our Class A office space deserves Class A lighting. The new Big Shine LED Panels are rated ‘A+’ for quality, features and performance. These LED panels add a beautiful, state-of-the-art appearance to any office, providing bright and uniform, glare-free and flicker-free light. The precision laser-engraved Mitsubishi PMMA light guide plate is edge-lit by top-of-the-line LG Chips. The 3528 series LED chips are mounted to a flame-retardant fiberglass/epoxy copper-clad circuit board. Behind the PMMA light guide plate is 97% efficient Skyrol SY09 Reflective Film. Unlike cheaper polystyrene, which is crystal clear when new but yellows in only 18 to 24 months, the premium Mitsubishi material retains its optical clarity for the life of the panel. The UL-listed LiFud electronic driver features 0-10V dimmability, Active Power Factor Correction, High Power Factor, Low Harmonic Distortion, and High Efficiency. The driver is also flicker-free. While we may not be aware of flicker above 60 to 100 Hz (varies with the individual), such non-visible flicker can cause headaches, eye strain and difficulty concentrating. The quality and durability of Big Shine’s panels are evident from the outstanding L70 life of 54,000 hours.

2. T5/T6 LED Replacement Tubes with StrongHeart Driver


The U.S. has many millions of square feet of office and high bay spaces equipped with T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes. The fixtures are still serviceable. So the best way to get rid of the maintenance headache of replacing tubes and cut the electric bills is to install LED replacement tubes. In addition to a full line of T8 tubes (Big Shine has 40 SKUs on DLC’s approved products list), Big Shine has an outstanding replacement for high output T5 tubes. Big Shine’s tubes are actually T6 (6/8ths in diameter), but they are engineered to fit all existing T5 fixtures and use the standard G5 bi-pin base. The efficacy is 130lm/W; high efficacy 150lpW is also available. Choose between clear and frosted lenses of extruded polycarbonate (PC). The StrongHeart driver is a masterpiece of engineering. This internal driver meets FCC limits for RF emission as well as DLC performance and life requirements. It also means this tube is UL/ETL-certified. Big Shine’s driver also meets stringent VDE standards and delivers flicker-free performance. The fixtures must be re-wired to bypass the existing ballast; the ‘single-end’ power design is a good safety feature. A unique feature is the 180° rotatable end caps. Without changing the fixture, the Tubes can be rotated during installation to place the beam where we want it. Another outstanding feature is the L90 Life (retaining 90% of the original lumen output) of 50,000 hours!

3. Sagitta X Area Light with Rotatable Lens

Sagitta X is the area light with all of the features that we’ve been asking for. A big problem when retrofitting parking lots and roadways is that the existing poles are not always placed or oriented as we’d like them. Sagitta X solves this difficult problem—with optics! The optical lens cover is available in IES Type II, III, and IV beam spreads, and can be rotated in 90° increments. This unique feature allows Sagitta X to be custom configured during installation. It has built-in occupancy and photocell sensor capabilities and tool-free access to the driver compartment, which is big enough to accept a supplemental 10/20kV surge protection device for lightning-prone regions. The efficacy is outstanding—up to 170lm/W. Sagitta X is available in 6 power levels from 75 to 230 Watts and CCTs of 3000 to 6500K. The anodized aluminum housing is sleek in appearance, minimizes wind resistance, and is rated IP66 (dust-tight and sealed against even driving rain). It’s available in four different mounting configurations with options for direct mounting or 180° adjustability. Sagitta X is rated DLC Premium, ensuring eligibility for the highest level of utility rebates.

4. Sky X High Bay Light with 10 % Uplight


High bay lighting is required in ‘big box’ stores, industrial buildings, warehouses and transit stations. The main challenge is to provide enough light from a very high mounting height onto the aisles, shelves, retail and workspaces below. However, if there is no light directed towards the ceiling, even an expansive well-lit space will have a gloomy, even oppressive feel to it. The solution? Big Shine’s Sky X high bay fixture. The Sky X is a high efficiency LED fixture with many advanced features. The first feature we should mention is the four LED modules on the upper surface of the heat sink, directing 10% of the total light upward to the ceiling. These eliminate the dark ceiling problem. SKY X has a lot more to offer: The deeply finned heat sink is die-cast aluminum for strength, corrosion resistance, lightweight and excellent in heat conductivity. High bay fixtures must often operate in hot, stratified air near the ceiling, so they experience greater temperature extremes than office fixtures. SKY X has a patented breather valve which allows the LED circuit board chamber to always equalize with ambient air—dust and humidity are blocked by a novel filtration system. Efficacy is outstanding at up to 170lm/W. SKY X can be enhanced with an emergency battery, dimmable driver, motion sensor, and either Bluetooth or Enocean connectivity.

5. NGC 474 High Output, Low Glare

Lighting design is always challenged with the problem of providing high levels of light with visual comfort that satisfies a range of user activities and individual needs. With the aging workforce, the challenge has become deeper and broader—older workers (and customers) need higher levels of light because our visual acuity begins to decline in our 40s and continues with age. At the same time, this demographic is also more sensitive to glare. Glare can be both direct, from the light source into the user’s eyes, and indirect, or reflected. Glare has a high annoyance factor and impairs vision and concentration. The novel anti-glare optics of Big Shine’s NGC 474 high bay place this fixture in our top 5 list. NGC combines stepped parabolic reflectors into a honeycomb grid. The result is that the light emitted from each of the LED chips is gathered and directed into a narrow 60- or 80-degree beam. The annoying glare light at high angles is cut off by the optic system, so NGC delivers more light where it’s needed and virtually none where it would create glare. NGC shares all of the great features of its sibling, the SKY X: the patented breather valve, the modified polymer heat transfer interface between the AGC12 heat sink and the LED circuit board, the great efficacy, and sensor and connectivity options.


We live in an exciting time for lighting. LED technology has been improving by leaps and bounds and has become the ‘low-hanging fruit’ for sustainability for every office and industrial space upgrade. The benefits are immediateenergy consumption for lighting will typically decrease by 60 to 70%, less heat is generated so the HVAC system doesn’t work as hard, and everyone in the upgraded space will appreciate the bright, crisp light characteristic of LED solid-state lighting. LED lighting is also natural for modern, digital and wireless controls, including building management systems, which saves even more money and enhances the individual experience.

If we’ve been putting off our upgrade, why wait? Today, most electric utilities will offset a significant portion of the cost through rebate and incentive programs. With electric demand on the rise, adding new generating plants and transmission line capacity is incredibly expensive and may take many years to accomplish. It makes perfect sense for all of us to reduce the demand and brighten our workplaces at the same time. And, it’s something we can all do for our planet.



Submitted 4.8.2019 by the VA Technology Office

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