LED Lighting

The light emitting diode (LED) chip is a brilliant invention. It does not have a heated filament or a mercury-vapor filled bulb, yet it produces light at very high efficiency and can do so for more than 100,000 hours. The LED is a semiconductor, specifically a p-n junction diode. When an electric current flows through a “forward-biased” LED chip, the free electrons from the n-side and the holes from the p-side are pushed towards the junction region. In order to recombine with the electron holes, the free electrons must lose energy. Some of this energy is emitted in the form of light. The inventions of the blue LED, and the various phosphors used to convert blue or violet light to red and green, have resulted in the high efficacy white light LED that we see today in solid state lighting (SSL).

Big Shine Worldwide, Inc was founded in 1989 as a semiconductor company, primarily supplying linear integrated circuits and other semiconductors to Samsung, LG and Hyundai with electronic components for cell phones, TVs and other devices. LED chips are semiconductors based on the same physics, design and manufacturing technology as Big Shine’s core business, so it was natural for Big Shine Worldwide to transition to the emerging market of solid state lighting. Thus, Big Shine LED was born.

Big Shine LED is now manufacturing a full range of LED light fixtures with high quality LED chips to ensure lasting performance.

Quality Control

LED manufacturing plants strategically located in Korea, China, and Taiwan enable Big Shine’s lighting division to provide customized and professional fixtures tailored to consumers on an international level. To certify the integrity of each component, Big Shine Worldwide has branch offices in China, Taiwan, and Korea to serve as quality control support centers for each plant. The Quality Control team works meticulously to oversee testing, safety protocol, and fixture assembly in each location.

Big Shine LED (USA)
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