LED manufacturer, Big Shine LED, released the Class I LED Premium Edge Lite Panel as an upgrade to its commercial line of interior fixtures. The new nine-millimeter-thick 2×2 and 2×4 LED panels are designed with the industry’s top-grade components built to transform commercial facilities, offices, and institutions—making it one of the best-quality LED panels in today’s market.


Quality Edge Lit Technology

The fixture is assembled with seamless welded edges and a powder-coated aluminum frame with a white finish, ensuring efficient heat-dissipation to protect the LED chips. The panel contains the reliable, high-quality LG SMD 3528 chip series with an 80 CRI rating. The chips are engineered with glass-epoxy copper clad laminate giving them a flame-retardant, water-resistant and durable characteristics.

“Your Class A office space deserves Class A lighting,” says Big Shine LED CTO August Kruesi. “I’m really proud of our new LED Panels—they are ‘A +’ for quality, features, and performance. Our panels add a beautiful, state-of-the-art appearance to any office, providing bright and uniform, glare-free, and flicker-free light. With top-of-the-line LG Chips, precision laser-engraved Mitsubishi PMMA light guide plate and an FCC-rated dimmable LiFud Driver, Big Shine’s new panel delivers an L70 Life of 54,000 hours! All this, and A+ for sustainability too.”

Built with a three-millimeter-thick PMMA lens, this Mitsubishi®-grade layer packs the greatest transparency level among plastics. This material is resistant to the exposure of several dilute, alkali and aqueous chemicals. The Skyrol® SY09 reflector film reflects 97% light and enhances the luminous reflectivity and brightness of the panel’s light output. The panels’ precise, laser-engraved LGPs help balance the light distribution with higher optical efficiency. The engineered edge-lit style allows an even, glare-free distribution of light to help seamlessly meet foot-candle requirements and desired lighting levels.


Powerful Driver

The panels are powered by the LiFud® electronic driver that can protect the fixtures while delivering a minimal harmonic distortion. This UL-certified and FCC-compliant driver allows
0-to-10 voltage dimmability, giving the end user flexible lighting levels and more control in one package. The flicker-free driver makes the panel suitable for any application where working conditions involve stationary and physical activity, high concentration, and video conferencing.

Availability and Flexibility

The premium 2×2 and 2×4 Edge Lite Panels can be customized with a special easy-to-install recessed frame, motion sensor, and battery back-up according to preference and need. The 2×2 panel is available in 25 and 30 watts. The 2×4 panel comes in 30, 40 and 50 watts.

Visit Big Shine LED’s panel product page to learn more about the Edge Lite Panel specs and view photometric analysis examples.

Submitted 4.1.2019 by the VA Technology Office

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