Lighting Specialists

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BSL Lighting was established in Korea as the LED lighting division of Big Shine Worldwide, developing and supplying efficient, modern LED products for multiple applications across the Asian market. Each product is carefully selected and tested for superior performance.

Bringing Korean Products to the International Market

Big Shine has already pioneered the lighting market in the United States through Big Shine LED. This allowed BSL Lighting to already be familiar with the best ways to meet consumers’ diverse needs and sustainability goals through detailed product development. But BSL Lighting has a unique advantage. South Korea, although a global technology hub constantly raising the bar for efficiency, quality, and style, is still growing in the arena of global business. As a branch of a global corporation with an active international market, BSL Lighting is one of the few South Korean lighting companies with the resources and expertise to cater to a global market.

New Frontiers in LED Technology

BSL Lighting’s array of products goes beyond light fixtures and boldly into a new frontier for LED technology: high-definition LED billboard displays for indoor and outdoor use. The energetic culture of South Korean consumerism provides a fertile market for LED displays used in advertising. The seamless, bezel-free displays feature excellent color uniformity and high contrast ratio, resulting in a crystal-clear image. The modular LED panels can be reconfigured to achieve custom sizes for various applications, and front-maintenance design allows for versatility in mounting locations.

Just as the modern era of advertisement has saturated the digital dimension, BSL Lighting’s LED billboard displays bring the same dynamic advertising experience to the walls of buildings, shopping malls, and more. Catering to a country that’s at the forefront of technology, BSL’s modern and forward-thinking products help companies attract the fast-paced Korean population in a captivating and savvy way.