Big Shine Worldwide Goes Global in North Carolina


Big Shine had the privilege to exhibit at the largest U.S. energy conference and technology expo this year. The World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC 2018) conference in Charlotte, North Carolina brought national and international energy professionals into one common space filled with innovative energy-efficient technologies. Since Big Shine has global presence, WEEC was an ideal stage for our company to connect with local, national, and international audiences. We were given an opportunity to make an impression as a domestic and internationally grounded technology company. Big Shine established itself in diverse consumer markets around the world with the ability to adapt engineered solutions to specific consumer niches. WEEC was a perfect tool for Big Shine to naturally connect with the attendees, who came from other countries.

Uniting the World Through LED

Big Shine’s lighting design and manufacturing division, Big Shine LED, showcased several energy-efficient fixtures manufactured with green technology and certified for national and international applications in the public and government sectors. Attendees experienced live demonstrations of various Big Shine LED industrial and commercial lights. Among the sorts, expo guests and exhibitors received a first-hand glance of Korean quality in the form of solid-state lighting right inside Big Shine booth #709. Our Korean LED product-line alluded to Big Shine’s roots as semiconductor experts who got their start in South Korea. Big Shine’s East Coast lighting specialists and corporate team members were busy giving interested individuals tours of the booth and answering technical questions about our LED technology and high-quality lighting products.

On Thursday, October 18, Big Shine’s CTO, August Kruesi, captivated the diverse crowd as he elaborated on lighting trends, the impact of CRI on the environment, and measurements on average color fidelity (TM-30).  The audience was able to engage in various thought-provoking topics and discussions related to important lighting and LED patterns and trends that allow us to be ahead of the market no matter where we are in the world.

Energy in the Atmosphere

A common goal amongst governments, corporations, businesses, and individuals is to use their resources and take responsibility to contribute to reducing carbon levels on a global scale. At WEEC, Big Shine was able to connect with like-minded companies, who recognize the role technology—renewables, HVAC, smart building systems, lighting, and onsite generation—can have on managing energy to help accomplish that goal.

Big Shine Energy provides a turnkey solution for energy efficiency projects in commercial and industrial facilities. Many businesses, industrial, and institution users at WEEC showed interested in the turnkey concept and were able to set-up future appointments and meetings with our company representatives. The diversity of energy solutions and expertise in those fields gave our Big Shine team opportunities to think about partnerships to expand on Big Shine’s energy capabilities, even beyond the U.S. borders. As facility optimization and energy-efficiency continues to evolve, Big Shine Energy will be ready to adapt and grow with it.

World Energy Engineering Congress

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