A Fertile Market

2018 is seeing a mature trend in the intertwining of new technology with real estate, and according to Inc., “no industry is immune to innovation.”

Technology is about creative innovation, pushing limits, and transformation, all while having the will to leave a lasting impact worldwide. Pioneering in the age of technology comes with growth. Big Shine Worldwide’s subsidiary, semiconductor technology company Big Shine Korea, is now reaping the benefits of its rapid growth.

Well-Equipped for Innovation

To accommodate the rapid growth of its LED lighting division, BSL Lighting, Big Shine Korea has moved into a new facility in the Seoul metropolitan area. Its new facility features a larger, forward-thinking Research and Development (R&D) Center with a modern architecturally-elaborate touch.

Big Shine Worldwide: Big Shine Korea Has Expanded

This sophisticated space is furnished with contemporary equipment for the R&D team to efficiently collaborate in pushing the LED product line to new standards. The R&D Center is a hub for design conceptualization, technological advancement, and collaboration—a place where talent, wisdom, and experience coalesce harmoniously to conceive and create the next generation of LED technology. Behind the polished final products is embedded a culture of thorough testing and the highest standard of quality control to ensure compatibility and performance.

Looking Ahead

An interactive showroom area complements the space. First impressions are key, and BSK’s new showroom is quite the conversation starter. Visitors are immediately greeted with an impressionable display of the company’s products – its ideas, designs, and performance capabilities. The showroom space brings the LED fixtures to life while warmly inviting prospective clients and technology partners to freely talk about all things LED and cutting-edge technology.

Big Shine Worldwide: Big Shine Korea Showroom Panel and Tube Display

The panel and tube display of Big Shine Korea’s showroom showcases a variety of color temperatures.

With the demand for commercial LED technology at an all-time high, Big Shine’s innovators are expecting to meet the consumer’s demands in clever ways, without jeopardizing quality and sustainability.

Big Shine has ambitious plans and shows no signs of slowing down. The new R&D Center inspires new ideas, new products, and new ways to innovate – and invites you to come along for the experience.