Big Shine Energy

Big Shine Energy provides consulting services to help save money by reducing energy consumption with lighting and HVAC technology.

Approaching Zero Campaign

Participating in the G7 goal to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, Big Shine Energy launched the Approaching Zero campaign to work with like-minded companies in reducing global carbon levels. While many organizations have set out to innovate to zero carbon emissions, Big Shine Energy recognizes that choosing existing energy-efficient technology can have an immediate effect in lightening the current carbon load. By implementing LED lighting technologies and replacing old HVAC units with new, energy-efficient models, we can begin to make an impact today.

Turnkey Solution

As a subdivision of lighting manufacturer Big Shine LEDBig Shine Energy has developed into one of the most dynamic subsidiaries under Big Shine Worldwide, Inc. The division’s turnkey solution seamlessly bridges the gap between technological innovation and customer-focused service in seven simple steps. Learn about BSE’s turnkey solution below.

1. Research & Development

Quality control is Big Shine Energy’s goal when producing each line of products. Proper research of the application where the products will be used is essential before the manufacturing process.

2. Manufacturing

State-of-the-art components that are designed to meet all United States qualifications are produced within Big Shine Energy’s global manufacturing centers.

3. Lighting Audit

Big Shine Energy provides a complete lighting and HVAC evaluation and prepares a clear, detailed project report including a 3D photometric analysis.

4. Rebates & Incentives

Big Shine Energy partners with dozens of incentive programs to assist with your incentive paperwork, and help you get the most out of your lighting upgrade.

5. Project Coordination

All phases of the project are coordinated to meet your needs and facilitate a smooth installation with minimum interruption to your business operations.

6. Installation

Big Shine Energy works with a team of installers that is unparalleled in experience and efficiency. This is why we pride ourselves in completing the job quickly and without cutting any corners to ensure customer satisfaction.

7. Customer Satisfaction

Once a Big Shine customer, always a Big Shine customer. After the installation, Big Shine Energy will ensure stellar after-sale service. Our installation service comes with a one-year warranty, and our LED products have a five-year warranty.