Artificial Intelligence Improving Semiconductor Technology

BSW Artificial Intelligence Improving Semiconductor Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a transformative force within the semiconductor industry, poised to wield even greater influence in the years ahead. According to industry experts like Gartner, the revenue potential from semiconductors designed to handle AI workloads is expected to soar to $53.4 billion by 2023, marking a robust 20.9% increase from 2022.1 Deloitte Global projects that leading semiconductor giants will allocate a substantial $300 million towards internal and third-party AI tools for chip design in 2023, with annual growth rates projected to exceed 20%, propelling the investment to over $500 million by 2026.2

Artificial intelligence technologies have empowered semiconductor companies to enhance their product portfolios and streamline the research and chip-design phases. By identifying and rectifying defects and process deviations, AI-driven solutions eliminate time-consuming iterations, fast-track yield ramp-up, and trim operational costs. These solutions rely on process and quality data to holistically optimize semiconductor fabrication and design. Initiatives centered around smart factories adopt a data-driven workflow, with deep learning algorithms deciphering the intricacies of the physical production process.

Illustrating the practicality of artificial intelligence in semiconductors, consider the utilization of machine learning models to capture intricate, non-linear relationships between process time and outcomes, such as etch depth. For heightened precision, semiconductor companies leverage real-time tool-sensor data, metrology readings, and insights from previous process steps3.

Several companies have harnessed the power of AI to revolutionize the semiconductor landscape4:

  • Nvidia: Renowned for its graphics processing units (GPUs), Nvidia also manufactures cutting-edge AI chips like Volta, Xavier, and Tesla.
  • Taiwan Semiconductor: Exploring generative AI, this company offers significant growth potential.
  • VanEck Semiconductor ETF: An attractive option for low-risk, high-reward investments in the semiconductor sector.
  • Intel: The Gaudi3 chip could potentially reshape the future for this industry leader.
  • Amkor Technology: Noteworthy for its robust performance in the semiconductor sphere in recent quarters.
  • ON Semiconductor: On track to deliver a substantial $2 billion in free cash flows by 2025.
  • Broadcom: The Jericho3-AI technology is a promising catalyst for business growth and stock performance.

AI technology integrated into semiconductors has the potential to revolutionize technology by enhancing efficiency during research and chip design, optimizing semiconductor fabrication, and providing profound insights into the intricacies of physical production processes. As artificial intelligence continues to drive innovation, the semiconductor industry is positioned for significant growth and transformation in the years to come.


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