Carbon Dioxide and Its Effect on Climate

“It is no surprise that a warming climate is causing our glaciers and ice sheets to melt.” According to NASA’s “The Anatomy of Glacial Ice Loss,” melting glaciers from both the north and south poles are a key factor to our rising sea levels [BO1] .

Over the past 50-70 years, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen like never before in modern civilization. This has resulted in increasing temperatures as carbon dioxide is “the most important gas for controlling Earth’s temperature [BO2] .” Human activity since the mid-20th century has had much to do with the increase in CO2 levels.

Human activities since the mid-20th century, including deforestation, land use changes, burning fossil fuels, have increased greenhouse gases in our atmosphere trapping heat radiating from Earth toward space [BO3] . So it is human activities that can now fight against the damage that has been done. As global citizens, we must all take action!

Global Citizens Can Take Action

A global citizen is one who identifies not as a member of a group or singular country, but as a member of humanity and the world. A global citizen thinks of the well-being of others around the world understanding that every action a person takes can impact the entire world. As we face a global challenge with climate change, the world’s future depends on global citizens who constantly act to improve the health of our planet.  

Scientists and policymakers have been figuring out the steps global citizens and companies can take to make a difference for our planet. We can choose greener products in our everyday lives and live more sustainably.

As a corporation, we can implement more sustainable operations. Whether it is through energy-efficient LED lighting and HVAC equipment or renewable solar energy, Big Shine Worldwide works with our partners to reduce their CO2 output. An average home having a 6.6Kw solar photovoltaic system producing around 10,600 kWh per year will save around 10.6 tons of CO2 emissions annually [BO4] .

Whether we take small actions as global citizens or implement greater changes to our company operations, we can all work towards a more sustainable future. When we change the way our companies operate, become greener, implement renewable energy, the future of our planet can be more secure.

 [BO1][] This is due, in part, to rising air temperatures.



 [BO4]I would probably use a company size example