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As a global corporation, Big Shine has a long established intercontinental network dealing with the provision of semi-conductors. Our branches are found in major regions of the world. Big Shine Singapore branch started in 2002, supplying projectors and projector lamps to Singapore government, education and corporate sectors.

Professional Audiovisual Systems

Big Shine Singapore caters to its population by providing contemporary audiovisual equipment. Its products utilize durable components and the latest technology to ensure optimal, long-lasting performance and sustainability. Following strict quality standards, Big Shine Singapore only carries the top-rated products on the market that deliver visual and auditory excellence. They are not only stylish but reliable for use in a variety of settings, including educational facilities, corporate offices, sports arenas, and home theaters. With its selection of projectors, lamps, screens, and sound systems, Big Shine Singapore can deliver the full package to transform any space into an immersive cinematic experience.

Versatile Products

Big Shine Singapore’s products are available with varying specifications to meet the needs of each unique venue. Whether you are looking for network or device compatibility, wireless control, security options, daylight solutions, cinematic quality, performance on a budget, or more, Big Shine has the projector to meet your needs while delivering dependable service. To complement Big Shine’s vast selection of quality projectors, the Singapore division also offers a series of portable, semi-automatic, motorized, manual, and made-to-order projector screens in a wide range of sizes.

Strategic Distribution

In addition to audiovisual equipment, Big Shine Singapore is also a strategic global distribution center for Big Shine LED lighting and other specialty products. Since 2002, it has served as a branch for Big Shine Korea to distribute an assortment of semiconductors and electronic components.



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